Mobile Clinic

Substantial barriers exist that prevent rural villagers from receiving even basic medical care...

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Children's Village

Sarasvathi Children’s Home with the support of the Stichting Childrens Foundation in Holland...

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Evening School

Tiruvanamalai’s slum areas and surrounding villages have little hope for becoming well educated...

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Mobile Library

Nowdays children are gone far away from the reading habits and that creating a huge impact...

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

                                                                                         – Mahatma Gandhi

The Regenboog India Foundation is the dream of Madhan Mohan, a native of Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu India. As a child Madhan was keenly aware of the disparities between the rich and the poor and was greatly influenced by his parents who gave selflessly to those in need. After excelling in college, Madhan worked successfully in a local charity and corporate world when an event occurred that would change his life and lead to the development of Regenboog.

When Madhan was 24, his father became seriously ill. As the illness progressed, he was taken to a public hospital where, despite desperate pleas for help from Madhan and other family members, he died from the absence of medical attention. The injustice of the disparity of services for the rich and poor was forever seared into Madhan’s heart. Later he quit his job in the corporate world and began to have discussions with his friends about developing an organization that would provide services to the poor driven by the principles of respect and love for all who were served. In December 2006 Madhan along with a few friends started Regenboog India.

Regenboog is currently managed by the board of trustees: Mr.Tirumal, Mr.Mohamed Ali, Mr.Sudhakar, Mr.Saravanan and Madhan as Managing Trustee.

  • Any service provided is conceived and offered from the point of view of those who receive the service. In other words, always step into the shoes of those receiving and see the service through those eyes.
  • Any service provided is of the highest level of quality possible.
  • All will be treated with equal respect and understanding.
  • All those involved in providing services for Regenboog will remain humble to the gift of serving others.
  • All involved with Regenboog will work together as one family to reach others who are in need of help.
  • Administrative expenses will be kept low in order to extend services to as many beneficiaries as possible.
  • All donations of support, small and large, will be received with equal gratitude.
  • Transparency and accountability in all aspects of our work is required

From the beginning, Regenboog was supported by many good hearts from India who continue to give their generous support. Groups and individuals from many parts of the world also support Regenboog.

Regenboog’s first service was the Sarasvathi Children’s Home for orphaned and abandoned children that had been started with the support of donations from the ‘Stichting Sarasvathi Children’ Foundation in Holland. Hanneke de vries headed this foundation that worked with Regenboog to support the Children’s Home till 2011. From 2012 onwards this project was fully supported by the Swiss charities Verein Arunachala Rising Sun and Verein Arunachala Village School.

Regenboog’s Medical Project began in 2007 with a partnership between Erika Vermeulen, a Dutch Nurse who was interested in helping to provide medical care to those in need around Tiruvanamalai, and Regenboog. Erika started a Dutch organization, that supported this project until 2014. In November 2013 we celebrated the benchmark of providing medical care to 200,000 patients.

Arunachala Education Centers began as a result of Madhan’s recognition of the need to serve children living in poor areas who attend public schools. Most of these children receive inadequate education in school and are not supported at home by parents who are less eduated or uneducated themselves. These centers are supported by Verein Arunachala Rising Sun headed by Mr. Peter Diener, Switzerland. They also supporting the mobile library project.